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Who uses Sirovision?

Sirovision is a geology / geotechnical mapping and analysis system that generates accurate, scaled 3D images of rock faces from stereo photographs taken in open pit and underground environments. A range of tools are provided to support the mapping and analysis of structure useful to geologists, geotechnical engineers, surveyors and mine engineers.

Open Pit System

Sirovision Open Pit  is a quick, accurate, simple and cost effective way to generate accurate 3D images of open pit rock walls and map and anlayse their structure.The system uses off-the-shelf digital SLR cameras and supports a wide range of survey methods.

Underground System

Sirovision Underground is an integrated hardware and software system designed to provide safe and cost-effective mapping and analysis of rock structure and underground topography.  This system comprises the specially designed Stereo Camera for capturing stereo photographs of headings in only a few minutes with no setup time.

What Survey Control do I need with Sirovision?

Sirovision enables you to georeference 3D images using a wide range of survey equipment, including Total Station, Theodolites and RTK, Geotagger and hand held GPS devices.  A minimum of three known points is enough to georeference whole mosaics of 3D images.